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Sedation Dentistry For Children

How does dental sedation work for children? Dr.Glasmeier offers oral sedation for children who are fearful and/or have extensive dental needs that require measures to help relax/calm the child. By using Read More

Sedation Dentistry For Fear of Needles

Coming soon. Read More

Sedation Dentistry Franklin, TN

Do you have concerns about getting dental work? Are you afraid that years of not going to the dentist is going to result in an uncomfortable experience? Do you need a good Read More

Sedation Drugs in IV Sedation

What are the most commonly used medications in IV sedation?   Typically there is a combination of medications(sedatives and narcotics) used to achieve sedation in order eliminate anxiety as well as providing Read More

Sedation During Pregnancy

Question: Is oral/IV sedation safe during pregnancy?   Answer: Typically sedation is not recommended during pregnancy due to the effects of the sedative drugs but also from local anesthetics. It is known Read More

Sedation for Gag Reflex

Question: Can sedation help if I have a really big gag reflex?   Answer: Yes, sedation can minimize and often times completely eliminate it completely. The gag reflex refers to the response Read More

Sensitive Teeth

What are the different things that can cause sensitive teeth?   The common and most obvious ones are cavities and infections which is directly due to the cavity(tooth decay) getting close to Read More

Sensitivity After Crown Placement

Another common question I that commonly see tooth is really sensitive even after the crown has placed (i.e. cemented) it supposed to be sensitive and if so, how long? This Read More

Sensitivity After Extractions

Hey there I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled on the lower left quadrant about 8 days ago and the hole is nearly closed up. However in the past Read More

Should I Replace My Silver Fillings?

One of the most controversial issues that I deal with over the past couple years is the dangers of silver fillings. Do I feel silver fillings pose a threat from Read More

Silver Crowns For Children?

A common question I get from childrens' parents is:    Does my kid really have to get one of those silver "caps" or "crowns" is sooo ugly!! The answer depends...The following Read More

Sleeping During Sedation Dentistry

Question: Will I be unconscious for sedation dentistry?     Answer: No, being unconcious for sedation dentistry would imply general anesthesia. General anesthesia is not commonly used in dentistry for adults but more Read More

Snap On Smile Nashville, TN

Imagine a smile makeover in two visits. No shots, no drills, no long appointments...and much more affordable than the cosmetic dentistry that is typically needed for cosmetic smle enhancements. Enter Read More

Sore After Fillings

Question: Dr. Glasmeier,   I had composite fillings done 2 weeks ago. Soon after, I was put on amoxicillin for an infection on the top tooth that was filled. Now Read More

Space Between Front Teeth

Question: Hi Dr.Glasmeier,   My son is 9 years old and has a big space between his front teeth and it seems bigger than his siblings' spaces. I want to know if Read More

Special Needs Dentist in Nashville, TN

Do you have a special needs family member that needs a dentist? Are you worried they will be anxious? Or they won't cooperate? Or that the dental staff will not understand Read More

Viewing 81 - 96 out of 129 posts


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