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Crown After Root Canal

Why do I need a crown over a root canal tooth? Almost always when a posterior (back) tooth has to receive a root canal for whatever reason (cavity, broken, infected), a Read More

Decision To Save Tooth

Should I Save My Tooth? Many times patients present in my office with a compromised tooth either due to cavities, fractures or even gum disease and often times it can be Read More

Dental Bridge

Question: What is a bridge?   Answer: A bridge is a permanent dental restoration that replaces one or more teeth. It is permanent in that it is permanently glued in and cannot Read More

Dental Cavities Nashville, TN

Did you know? There are advanced techniques dentists like Dr.Glasmeier use to help detect cavities before they can be visibly seen? Enter the Diagnodent: a laser cavity scanner...   A laser cavity scanner Read More

Dental Checkup/Exam Antioch, TN

Have you had  a recent exam/checkup by your dentist? Schedule with us checkups are just as important as annual physicals! Routine examinations(as well as xrays) can help catch problems prior Read More

Dental Sedation for Children

Question: My child needs extensive dental work done and is quite nervous. What options are available to my child for sedation?   Anwer: That can really depend on certain factors such as Read More

Dental Sedation for Kids, Lavergne TN

      Is your child scared of going to the dentist because of a bad experience or fear of the unknown? Are they apprehensive of needles? Do they have a gag reflex or sensory Read More

Dental Sedation Nashville, TN

Is dental sedation right for you? The answer is YES if:  1. You have a fear of needles  2. You can't tolerate the sounds and smells of dentistry  3. You prefer to have Read More

Dental Surgery-Sedation Options

If I have to have dental surgery, would dental sedation be a good option for me? Yes, dental sedation has been and will continue to be a great modality to help Read More

Dental Work Under Sedation Nashville, TN

What Kind of Dental Work Can Be Done Under Sedation?   Most dental procedures can be performed safely under sedation such as fillings, crowns, root canals, deep cleanings, extractions etc. The more Read More

Dentist Office in Antioch, TN

Looking for a new dentist in Antioch, TN? Call today and let us give you a great first experience! Our reviews speak for themselves. We accept most insurances and would like Read More

Dentist- Antioch, TN

Question: I have a tooth that has sensitivity to cold drinks and sometimes sweets but I don't think I have a cavity or ever had the tooth filled? What could Read More

Denture Implant Options

  If your dentures hurt when you eat or chew or fall out when you speak then implant dentures may be for you! Our practice have found that some denture wearers Read More

Detection of Cavities

Question: How are cavities detected by a dentist? Answer: There are multiple ways a dentist can screen for and detect cavities or tooth decay:   1. Visual- The dentist looks for unusual discolorations, Read More

Disadvantages of Oral Sedation

Dr.G, why do you favor IV sedation over oral sedation? Mark S.   Hi Mark,   Great question!! While I like oral sedation and I use it all the time, my biggest Read More

All ceramic/porcelain vs. PFM crowns

Question: Hi there, I am a 51 year old woman in pretty good health. In 2004 I had my 4 front teeth removed and porcelain crowns put in. It has Read More

Viewing 17 - 32 out of 129 posts


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