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Nashville Dentist Discusses Second Opinions

There are few people who have never had a dental problem. Dental issues can range from toothaches and tooth decay to cold sores, abscesses and dental phobias. Since your mouth Read More

Nashville Dentist Discusses Why You Need a Dental Crown

Have you ever been told you need a "crown" for your teeth? Are you confused why you may need a crown for your tooth? There are many reasons why a Read More

Nashville Sedation Dentist Discusses Monitoring During Sedation

Question: Why do I have to be monitored during dentist used to give me Valium and never had to monitor before? Answer: This is very common question especially since monitoring Read More

Needles and Drills at the Dentist

Question: Are there ways to do dentistry with out the pain or a needle or sound of a drill?   Answer: Yes there are, but they are somewhat limited in what they Read More

Nolensville Sedation Dentist Discusses Oral Sedation

Question: What is the difference between oral sedation and inhalation sedation(e.g. laughing gas)?     Answer: Both are forms of sedation that help provide relaxation to the patient that will decrease the Read More

Numb Tongue

I received a filling to 2 of my teeth a few hours ago and my tongue still feels numb and is relatively swollenWhat can i do to help take down Read More

Options for Loose Dentures

Question: What are the Options for a Lower Denture that is loose or does not fit adequately?   Answer: Lower dentures have been and will continue to be difficult for patients who Read More

Oral Sedation and Valium Before Dental Work

Question: Why do dentists prescribe different sedatives for oral sedation procedures? My dentist prescribed Valium the night before and Triazolam the day of the procedure. Why two different sedatives?   Answer: Valium Read More

Oral Sedation Prior to IV Sedation- Can I Have Both?

    Frequently, I have patients inquire about oral vs IV sedation with regard to what is safer, what is more pain free and what works best. Patients have even asked if Read More

Oral vs IV sedation

Oral Sedation vs. IV sedation What is the difference between oral and IV sedation?   An ABSOLUTE ton!! While I do all forms of sedation in my dental practice, I would much prefer Read More

Partial Dentures Nashville, TN

Attention partial denture users!!!! Are you tired of wearing a partial denture that uses wires to clasp around your teeth? Tired of acrylic going across the roof of your mouth affecting your Read More

Pediatric Dentist

Question: Should I take my child to a pediatric dentist?   Answer: This depends on several things. If the child has severe dental problems that require substantial amount of chair time, then Read More

Replacing Silver Fillings

Is it necessary to replace silver fillings that are not bothering me?   Absolutely not. I kind of like the "If it's not broke, don't fix it" attitude. But I will try Read More

Same Day Veneers

Do you have spaces between your teeth or just can't seem to whiten your teeth up to an acceptable color? Are you interested in a more cost effective way to Read More

Sealants for Adults? Lavergne, TN

Are Sealants Good for Adult Teeth?  I receive many questions about sealants about what they are for and whether or not they can benefit adults(not only children). Before I discuss this, Read More

Sedation Dentistry and Fear of Needles

Question: Can Sedation Dentistry eliminate the need for needles?   Answer: No, local anesthesia is still necessary to provide pain control. Sedation dentistry helps promote anxiolysis, the reduction of anxiety before a Read More

Viewing 65 - 80 out of 129 posts


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