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Do I Need An Injection For Fillings?

Do we always need an injection?(i.e. being numb, being frozen, putting the tooth asleep)   Sometimes patients do not require injections for fillings. It depends on how large and how deep the Read More

Do You Snore in Nashville, TN ?

Do you or your loved one snore? Do you suffer from insomnia due to snoring? Do you wake up feeling drained or constantly fatigue? Do you ever wake up gasping for air or Read More

Do You Understand Your Dental Insurance?

Do you have dental insurance but don’t understand it? Dental insurance, much like medical, is ambiguous. Copays, deductibles, missing tooth clauses, waiting periods, uncovered services are all terms we are all Read More

Does A Sedated Child Still Needed Shots for Dental Work?

If my child is being sedated for dental work, does that mean that they don't need a shot? Typically sedation for a child is not used to eliminate the need for Read More

Does Dental Insurance Cover Sedation Procedures?

Does Dental Insurance Cover Sedation Procedures for Dental Work?   It varies from insurance company to insurance company and from procedure to procedure. Most dental insurance companies will cover multiple extractions under Read More

Dr.Glasmeier Accept Delta Dental and Blue Cross Blue Shield

Do you have Delta Dental or Blue Cross Blue Shield and looking for a new dental provider? We gladly accept both now to schedule! Read More

Dr.Glasmeier Accepts TennCare, Dentaquest and Amerigroup Dental Insurance

Do you have Tenncare, or Coverkids or Amerigroup and am looking for a dental provider? We invite to join our dental family as we accept all these insurances gladly. Call Read More

Dr.Glasmeier Offers Botox in Antioch,TN

How do I know if I am candidate for Botox or dermal fillers? The types of wrinkles present on your face have different origins. Some of caused by contraction of facial Read More

Dr.Glasmeier Treats Bad Breath Nashville, TN

      Question: How do I fix my bad breath?   Answer: It depends on what the source of the bad breath is. This question is like asking, my car won't drive, what do Read More

Drill Free Smile Makeover

Have you ever considered a smile makeover to......   replace teeth?   change the colors/shapes of teeth?   close spaces?   fix crowding? The two most common barriers for achieving these goals are:   1. Cost   Read More

Driving After Sedation Dentistry

Question: Will I be able to drive home after my sedation appointment?     Answer: Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you will likely not be able to drive home. With Read More

Driving With Sedation Dentistry

Can I drive if I am given sedation drugs before my dental appointment? Under NO circumstances can you drive with any sedation drugs in your system. Sedation drugs not only relax Read More

Fear of the Dentist

Question: Does everyone fear going to the dentist? What percent of patients do you see have anxiety or fear going to the dentist?     Answer: Approximately 10 million Americans avoid going to dentist Read More

Fillings on Baby Teeth

I don't understand..if my child has a cavity on a baby teeth and they are going to get a permanent replacement anyways, why fix the baby tooth?     I get this question Read More

Find a Sedation Dentist

Can you explain in more detail the types of sedation and what is right for me?   I would encourage you go to my sedation tab to read further regarding sedation. Bottom Read More

All ceramic/porcelain vs. PFM crowns

Question: Hi there, I am a 51 year old woman in pretty good health. In 2004 I had my 4 front teeth removed and porcelain crowns put in. It has Read More

Viewing 33 - 48 out of 129 posts


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