Hey there I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled on the lower left quadrant about 8 days ago and the hole is nearly closed up. However in the past day or so, i have been getting a sharp pain only when drinking cold water. This never happened the whole time i was healing and there is no other pain i am currently feeling. Any idea as to why this could be happening? is it an infection?

Yes, it is likely that when the wisdom tooth was removed that the root of the tooth in front of it could have become exposed as a result of the surgery. An exposed root can cause thermal sensitivity to things such as cold and sweets. It not an infection and should calm down within several weeks...if it does not, consult your dentist. You may need to have the exposed root desensitized with medicaments or laser treatment. Dry sockets can be sensitive to cold but that is not typical as there are other things that present with dry socket such as deep throbby pain, foul odor, and pain no matter what you do but it typically goes away fairly quickly.



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