I don't understand..if my child has a cavity on a baby teeth and they are going to get a permanent replacement anyways, why fix the baby tooth?



I get this question a lot as one would think if there is replacement what is the big deal? The big deal is that the baby teeth need to be thought of as "space holders" for the permanent teeth. If a baby tooth is lost prematurely, a permanent tooth can come in a different position which can further alter the development of the rest of the adult teeth. An adult teeth can also be affected if an infected baby tooth left untreated can cause disturbances of a permanent tooth's growth and development. In some cases I have seen an abscessed baby tooth that caused an adult tooth to become infected before it had a chance to even erupt!


Once again, an ounce of prevention can prevent a ton of is much more conservative(and cheaper) to have a cavity fixed on a baby tooth rather than "letting it go" only to find out then that the child could lose a permanent tooth or have major crowding issues with the permanent teeth(much more expensive!!). Having said this, if the baby teeth has a cavity but is within 3-6 months of coming out anyways, then a filling may not be necessary. Please consult the dentist before you try to make that determination as we are knowledgeable when a child will lose a particular baby tooth. Don't let your child miss out on school and other activities due to a toothache!



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