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October 07, 2014
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The amount of Botox needed depends on the site where wrinkle reduction is to occur. The depth of the wrinkle as well as the length of time the wrinkle has been present also needs to be considered. 1 unit of Botox will affect about a nickel size area on the skin so on an area like the forehead, you would expect a minimum of 5-6 sites and as many as 8-10 depending on the size. Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about the locations for Botox to better determine how much is needed!

September 14, 2014
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How do I know if I am candidate for Botox or dermal fillers?

The types of wrinkles present on your face have different origins. Some of 
caused by contraction of facial muscles(e.g. forehead) while others are cause by 
volume depletion in your face(e.g. nasiolabial folds or lines around the corner 
of the mouth.). Dr.Glasmeier can evaluate your facial esthetics to better assess 
what cosmetic concerns you have and how they may be treated. Most patients have 
needs that fillers and Botox can remove or soften! Talk to Dr.Glasmeier about how 
can you fix your wrinkles and frown lines!