Question: Once a denture is broken, then repaired, can it ever be the same?

I dropped mine, since the dentist repaired it I now have a space between my two front teeth I've never had. The dentist said if you don't get too close you don't notice it so much. What!! The inside of the plate is rough. I have a toxic taste of what acrylic smells like. And when I talk I have a lisp. He took an impression so it would be right and it does clip on as it should, that aside doesn't fit. Do I have to live with this as he said? I feel like I was written off and I don't know where to turn. Do you have any advice?


Answer: Sounds like the dentist attempted to perform a lab repair and the broken pieces were not reapproximated correctly. Depending on how bad the denture fractured, it can be a very difficult to repair and sometimes impossible. If there is a space between the teeth that was not there, it means the broken pieces are not bonded back together correctly. The rough surface is due to newly formed acrylic and may possibly not be 100% compatible with the acrylic in your exisitng denture.


If you are having issues with phonetics, esthetics and fit issues, I would go back to your dentist and voice your concerns over the repair. I, often times, will not do repairs as they can be very difficult and very unpredictable. As a result I often advise having a new one made based on the extent of the fractures as well as the age of the denture.


Hope this helps!


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