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Patients with special needs are patients that require special conditions/considerations when receiving dental treatment. Whether the impairment is medical, physical, emotional, developmental, special attention must be given to the patient and tailored to their specific disability and needs. This includes but not limited to: Autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome, cerebral palsy and other spinal cord injuries.

Over 20% of our population presents with some form of disability and these disabilities can affect everyday life. The smallest of actions, such as brushing your teeth can be problematic for patients. Limitations such as this can increase the possibility of tooth decay and gum disease. Patients that has some type of cognitive deficit or mental disability may not understand the importance of good oral health. In addition to this, the sights and sounds of dentistry can create anxiety and fear that cannot be overcome.

Despite the impairment, finding a dental provider can be challenging and most patients require someone who:

1. Has previous experience with special needs patients

2. Be in constant communication with the patient’s parents, caretakers, physicians and/or therapists

3. Have access to surgical center facilities where treatment can be rendered safely and methodically.

4. Able to empathize with the struggles of taking care of a loved one with special needs.

Treating a special need patient takes compassion and understanding and being able to focus on the needs and limitations to deliver the best possible outcome in a safe, conservative manner.

Dr.Glasmeier is a dentist in Antioch and Old Hickory TN who provides dental care to special needs children and adults who are looking for someone comfortable with restoring optimal dental health. As a dedicated father of 2 Autistic children, Dr.Glasmeier understands the importance of being able to provide the treatment your loved one requires. Dr.Glasmeier has treated hundreds of special needs children in his facility as well as having privileges at a local surgical center that provides general anesthesia for your loved one's safety. Email or call us today to find out how we can help improve the oral health of your loved one!

Please email us at for additional information or contact our office at Old Hickory at 615-758-9117 or our Antioch office at 615-731-8960.

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