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Question: What are the pros and cons of metal free crowns?

Answer: Metal free crowns are a great alternative to the more traditional gold crowns and porcelain fused to metal crowns we have seen over the past 20 years. The reason is due to the esthetics as there is no metal in the crown and no darkening of the tooth can occur. Color matches tend to be better and also are typically more stable since they are made of 1 material versus multiple materials. Many patients with porcelain fused to metal crowns(aka PFM crowns) will see a gray line at the gumline over time as the gum recedes or pulls away from the tooth. This can lead to very unsightly esthetics over time. Even if the gum does recede, a metal free crown will not yield a gray line because their is no metal present. Although esthetics are exceptional, there are limitations on where they can be placed such as the bite. Patients that have a "tight" or "deep" bite may not have sufficient room for these type of crowns. If the crowns are placed anyways, they are more susceptible to fracture. Metal free crowns are more at risk for fracture if the patient is a severe grinder or clenches their teeth often. Talk to Dr. Glasmeier about metal free crowns!


Question: What is a bridge?


Answer: A bridge is a permanent dental restoration that replaces one or more teeth. It is permanent in that it is permanently glued in and cannot be taken in and out of the mouth like a denture. It often follows after a hopeless tooth has been extracted(removed). To put in a bridge, I have to prepare and reshape the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. The bridge consists of the replacement tooth and two crowns (caps) on each side. The crowns will fit over the prepared teeth to support the replacement tooth. This typically requires two appointments and you will be placed in temporaries at the end of the first appointment until the lab fabricates your bridge. While this is one way to replace missing teeth, there are other ways to replace missing teeth such as removable partial dentures and implants.