What are mini implants and how are they used in dentures?


They are miniature titanium screws/anchors that are placed into the jawbone to help with various dental procedures such as:


1. Improving the fit of dentures

2. Help replace small, missing teeth.

3. Assist in orthodontics to move teeth into more favorable positions.


The implant simulates a root of a tooth and has a ball that sits on the top of implant that articulates with a denture or a crown. It works similar to a ball and socket joint that provides excellent retention and resistance form. It is most useful in denture applications to help provide resistance against lifting forces.


Mini implants are placed under local anesthesia and are quite pain free when compared to something like a root canal or an extraction of a tooth. There are not incisions, no cutting of the bone, and no long healing times. After placement, the ball of the implant will be sticking out of the gum tissue and will be the only visible portion of the implant. Because they are minimally invasive, there is very little healing period and dentures can be stabilized the same day the implants are placed. Depending on the situation, sometimes a new denture is made against the new implants or the existing denture can be refit ("retrofitted") to the new implants.


So who is a candidate for mini implants?

-Ill-fitting or poor fitting dentures

-Patients that cannot eat foods like corn, apples, steak, crackers, etc.

-Someone who is afraid to laugh, smile or speak for fear of their denture

coming out.

-Patients that want pain-free, immediate results and not long healing times.


Ask Dr.Glasmeier about mini implants and how they can help make your dentures better!!

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