What is Laser Dentistry?


Laser dentistry in an up and coming discipline in dentistry that involves performing dental procedures that would conventionally require instruments for drilling and cutting. Depending on the type of the laser, they can be used to remove decay from decay as opposed to the normal drilling of a cavity. They can be used to treat periodontal disease by reducing the bacteria in the gums, reshape the bone around the teeth, and even reshape the gums for cosmetic reasons.


What makes laser dentistry so interesting is its noninvasive nature and the healing time that follows these procedures. Lasers typically are less painful and yield less postoperative discomfort than conventional methods previously used. Some of the procedures that lasers can be used for are the following:

1. Removing decay from teeth

2. Reshaping gums or assisting in treating gum disease

3. Frenectomy (clipping muscle attachments that cause conditions such as

tongue tied or diastema)

3. Root desensitation (eliminate thermal discomfort on root surfaces)

4. Removal of lesions of the mouth such as apthous ulcers or herpetic ulcers

that recur in the mouth

5. Teeth Whitening


These are some of the uses for lasers as there many other uses that the dental profession is utilizing to deliver the same kind of dentistry in a more noninvasive manner. Ask your dentist if he does laser dentistry!



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